Spring is the Time to Clean House

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March 21 to April 19 - Zodiac Sign: Aries - Element: Fire - Color: Deep Red

Spring is the time for renewal and starting new projects. It is also the time to take initiative, be the first on your block to be the community "environmentalist", making every day Earth Day. This is the time of the year you can get away with being an aggressive visionary. Becoming the leader of the pack, you can be so good your bad! After all it's better to be the only one saving your planet, instead of doing nothing at all. You know it's the right thing to do, go for it! Let the past go and look to the future. Rediscover the natural way your great-grandmother cleaned her house. You may find it healing to channel the past to create a healthier future for generations to come.

The Health Benefits of Pure Water

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February 19 to March 20 - Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Element: Water - Color: Violet
It has become increasingly obvious to conscious beings that if we are to remain healthy, we must have a good clean pure water source. Water is after all the essence of life. When a dying person is coming close to the end of their life they stop eating and drinking. Not to starve themselves, but rather to dehydrate their body in preparation to return to the salt of the earth. Because that is what we are — water and salt. In biochemical terms: ionic minerals in the form of matter being suspended in a water medium. On a biophysical level we are much more and so is water.

Change Is In the Air

Change is in the Air

January 20 to February 18 - Zodiac Sign: Aquarius - Element: Air - Color: Blue

"The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind." — William Blake

When I was in college the musical Hair was all the buzz. I remember going to see Hair at its Chicago production and being blown away by the lyrics and story. Since we are now officially in the "Age of Aquarius", I find myself humming the tunes once again:

An Old Truth for a New Millenium

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The saying "there's nothing new under the sun", is especially true when it comes to nutrition. It was true in the 4th century BC when Hippocrates stated that food is the best medicine. It was true when his biographer Soranus of Ephesus in the 2nd century AD, reintroduced his philosophy stating disease is caused naturally and not as punishment by the gods. Hippocratic medicine was humble and passive. This therapeutic approach was based on "the healing power of nature". This belief was still true 17 centuries later when Antoine Béchamp dared to challenge Louis Pasteur’s germ theory. Béchamp’s research showed that a diseased state caused illness not the other way around. Béchamp believed that living entities called "microzymes" in the blood created bacteria in response to host and environmental factors; he did not believe that bacteria could invade a healthy host and create disease on their own, rather a weakened immune system was the cause. 

A Time for Healing and Change

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December 22 to January 19 - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn - Element: Earth - Color: Turquoise

It is no accident that this is the time of year for healing and change. The Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new brighter tomorrow. Let's propose that this year, we make resolutions we can live with. Traditionally people have a tendency to "feast and fast", which in plain English means "celebrating followed by regretting". This is the time of year people tend to put off healthy habits, saying "I am going to be healthier tomorrow" instead of "I choose to be healthy today". But the longer we wait the more difficult it is to make necessary changes. One day we wake up from all of our tomorrow's and discover that the three extra "Holiday" pounds we were going to loose tomorrow, ten years later, have added up to 30 extra pounds today. And the ever popular... "after I loose the three pounds I'll start to exercise because I want look better in my exercise clothes". Sorry people, it doesn't happen that way.

Heat Things Up with Optimism

November 22 to December 21 - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius - Element: fire - Color: Green-Blue

Sagittarius is my birth sign and if that isn't enough, I am married to a double Sagittarius. Let me just say there is rarely a dull moment in our household. We are both artists, free thinkers and born warriors. Just tell us we can't do something and watch the fire burn in our eyes. I am the classic Sagittarian, motivated by my quest for knowledge, a desire to understand the big picture and travel along my path on a never ending quest for deep meaning in all things. I find purpose and meaning in everything. Like the archer with her feet on the ground and her bow pointing toward the heavens, Sagittarians would much rather get away from whatever is base, material, and dark. We’d rather set our sights on a distant light than accept the mundane.

Still Waters Run Deep

Water seeks its own level

October 23 to November 21 - Zodiac Sign: Scorpio - Element: Water - Color: Green

"Still waters run deep" was one of my mother's favorite sayings. Another was, "water seeks its own level." Like most children, I tuned her out whenever possible. It’s only now that she is gone, and I've experienced my own children tuning me out whenever possible, that I finally get it. Events in life don't make us who we are; events reveal of what we are made. Currents of the past are always just below the surface of our outward behaviors. If we choose activities on the same vibrational level as our thoughts, we can only assume that those low vibrational thoughts will attract other low vibrational people and activities into our lives. So then, how do we raise the bar? If thought, word, action and emotions all need to be working harmoniously to create balance, then how do we get all of the components on board?

Be Part of a Harmonious Global Community

Be Part of a Harmonious Global Community

September 23 to October 22 - Zodiac Sign: Libra - Element: Air - Color: Chartreuse

My youngest son Zach called home from college a while ago. He'd spent the weekend at a leadership training seminar, and wanted to share something he'd learned, a story from the closing motivational speaker. Zach said it made him think of me. My heart welled with a mother's love and pride. For me, it validated the message I have always tried to instill in both of my children. Any parent reading this knows that we do our best to teach our children how to live a full conscious life, but it isn't until they are faced with real life situations that we can be sure if they were listening. When all is said and done, events do not create a person's character – they only reveal it. All we can do is pray and hope they were listening to us and not the media.

Grounded in Nature – Reach for the Stars

August 23 to September 22 - Zodiac Sign: Virgo - Element: Earth -  Color: Yellow

How can we ever be expected to become healthy and fit when we hate our body or situation. We not only are what we eat, but we are also what we think and ultimately what we do. If we think like victims, that is what we become. If every thought is that we are unattractive, unhealthy, undesirable — you name it, that IS what we become.

Lead by Example

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July 23 to August 22 - Zodiac Sign: Leo - Element: Fire - Color: Orange-Yellow

I believe the most important thing a woman can do for her family and friends is to be selfish. Yes, selfish. I don't mean hang out at the spa while her children are barefoot and hungry. I am talking about taking the best possible care of herself and in doing so, lead by example. Children of all ages learn by what they see, not by what you tell them. I know this to be true because I have a husband and have raised two sons. They have never changed a behavior because of a lecture, but they have changed by following my lead. Even if you don't have a husband or children it works the same with friends and co-workers. Just by being healthy and confident I think women have the power to change the world. The family unit may be the backbone of our civilization, but it's women who give the family its heart. The feminine is a powerful force of nature. This goes for you guys too. The true feminine is not a weakness, rather a strength. It allows us to show empathy, compassion and cooperation. Let’s face it our out-of-balance world could use a few more men and women with those traits.

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