The True Value of Silver

SilverBiotics Silver

Before doctors used antibiotics to treat infections they used silver. Historically, silver has had medicinal uses going back for centuries.  Hippocrates, the man known as the father of modern medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, colloidal silver was used as a germicide and disinfectant. It has been used for everything from eyedrops for eye infections to wound dressings to treating the common cold. In the early 1900s, silver gained regulatory approval as an antimicrobial agent. Once antibiotics were introduced in the 1940s, the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent diminished.

3 Ways to Make Almond Milk

Almond Milk Recipe

When my youngest son was little, I made this recipe every couple of days. It became routine. I bought the almonds bulk on-line, so it was not only routine but economical. I would then keep the “milk” in a crock pitcher in the refrigerator. This recipe can be used as you would cow’s milk.

If You Want to Heal the World, Heal Yourself

Garrett Walters

Garrett Walters is one of my spiritual teachers and I’m happy to say, a good friend. He has touched my life in so many positive ways I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Never pious or preachy, but always honest, loving and to the point or should I say the heart. Garrett has given me permission to share excerpts from some of his emails sent to me over the years. My desire is that his words will touch you as they have touched me and give you permission to heal on every level of your being.

Yummy Cream Pie Recipe

Coconut Cream Pie

I love this recipe because it’s so versatile. The filling makes a great quick pudding for a tasty lunch box or after school treat. Also good for anyone trying to loose weight who might be struggling with intense cravings, this is the perfect healthy go-to treat. The filling for this recipe does not need to be formal. Instead of a pie, make a parfait layering filling with organic berries. Turn it into a summertime barbecue show stopper. Press the crust into a pizza pan and pour on the filling. Top with sliced strawberries, blueberries or whatever fruit you like. Once set it transports easily and needs no refrigeration.

A Balanced Life

A balanced life is a life lived in harmony with ourselves, each other, the natural order of our ecosystem and the undeniable universal law in which we all exist. As a culture, we have wandered so far off the natural path, we have become dangerously close to loosing our way. Stressing out over being perfect is what got us into this situation in the first place.

Why Test Urine and Saliva pH?

When we test pH levels we are interpreting the language of our body communicating with us.  Urine tells us our history (metabolic) and saliva our most recent choices (reactive) – both are important.  The foods we have just eaten will soon become our history. 

Life is a Sacred Gift

Understanding and accepting that many of the circumstances in our lives, even the ones that appear to be adverse, are dictated by the soul's need for growth.

 Have you ever stopped to think that your illness is your body speaking to you. If you take the time to listen you will understand that without words you are being given a warning to shape up or soon you will be shipping out.

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